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Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Action Plan

As you know, Covid-19 is dominating the news as well as our personal and professional lives in a significant way. This morning The Kentucky Chamber held a conference call with Governor Beshear.
Governor Beshear assured everyone on the call that, though there are many uncertainties, we are going to get through this. It is important we are all team players, working together to do what is necessary to ensure everyone’s safety. He stressed the most important thing we need from all leaders in Kentucky is calmness and to recognize the seriousness of the issue.
At the time of the call, the governor said Kentucky had tested 118 for the virus, and 11 have tested positive. He said that the virus could spread at work, church, and crowds, and that is why it is so important to practice good hygiene and social distancing. He warned if we do not take these steps seriously, we will see a spike in cases, but by taking the aggressive steps we are taking, cases will hopefully decrease.
He said that Kentucky now has three labs that can test for the virus—Labcorp, UofL, and the state government labs. But having more access to testing, we will be able to know more about the virus and hopefully help contain it.
For employers, the governor stressed that we need to allow as many people to work remotely/telework as possible. He also encouraged employers to allow sick employees to stay at home. He noted that a state of emergency is in effect, and therefore, price gouging orders are in effect, and everyone needs to avoid crowds.
Please visit website for all information. Here are materials for your reference on workforce recommendations:
As of now, the Christian County Chamber is open for business, but we are adopting precautionary procedures. We are implementing a three level COVID-19 Action Plan that will be implemented in conjunction with the CDC Department of State Safety and Security Alerts. See the full action plan here.
Currently the CDC has deemed the Global COVID-19 Outbreak an Alert Level 2: Practice Enhance Precautions.
Here is what you can expect at level two of our action plan:
  • All events outside of the Chamber office will be cancelled according to the Governor of Kentucky’s recommendation
  • Chamber committee meetings will be canceled or conducted via teleconference
  • Chamber Board of Directors meetings will be canceled if all information/discussion at the time of meeting can be postponed until further notice. Board Members who do not wish to attend any meeting that remains on the calendar may call in to the conference phone. If a quorum is not met, meeting will be canceled.
  • The Chamber office will remain open by appointment only. Doors to the office will be locked with a sign informing foot traffic of the situation.
Please understand that our desire is to support you and your business without interruption but we will have to minimize risk of spreading COVID-19 by encouraging social distancing.
Please direct all questions to Kelli Pendleton, President/CEO, at at or (270) 885-9096.
Thank you for your patience and support.



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