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    Education and Workforce Development Goals

    Dan Kemp
    Dan Kemp
    Chair, Workforce Education Committee

    The Education and Workforce Development Partnership Committee (EWFDC) exists to accomplish the Talent Development Goal of the Community Vision Plan.
    The EWFDC is comprised of representatives from various business sectors, heads of our educational institutions, workforce entities, government, and citizens with a great passion for education and workforce issues in our community.

    Realizing that our public education system is the foundation of our community, the EWFDC works diligently with the Christian County Public Schools in their efforts to raise the level of student achievement. EWFDC also works with our institutions of higher learning to ensure that our local offerings meet the demands of local employers.

    The Education and Workforce Development Partnership Committee addresses the local workforce needs from the perspective of the unemployed, underemployed and hidden workforce as well. In order for the Talent Development Goal to be accomplished, all barriers to employment must be addressed, whether they are perception or reality. The EWFDC has found that Christian County has a vast number of resources to assist those seeking to raise the level of their skills and to secure local employment. Communication of these services to all of those in need is vital to the growth and well-being of the community.

    The Workforce/Education Development Partnership Committee serves as the link from the business community to the education community.

    The Talent Devlopment Goal sub-committees are working to implement action items for each of the EWFDC strategies. To get involved with one of these sub-committees, contact Kelli Pendleton at 270-885-9096 or kpendleton@christiancountychamber.com.

    For more information about the Workforce/Education Development Partnership Committee, contact the Chamber at 270-885-9096. 


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