• Tax Advantages to Living in Christian County

  • Life in Christian County, Kentucky is now less taxing and more relaxing than ever. Beginning January 1, 2010, active duty military who claim Kentucky as their home of record will be exempt from Kentucky state income tax. This means that active duty military will pay no Kentucky state income tax in 2010 and beyond.

    Along with this significant tax advantage, Christian County offers these other savings:

    • No Sales Tax on New Car Purchase (active duty military)
    • No Tax on Groceries
    • Lower Sales Tax on Non-Grocery Items (6%)
    • Housing Cost 29% Below the National Average
    • Lower Property Tax
    • State Income Tax Exemption for Federal Retiree Pay (including military) up to $41,000

    All these tax advantages add up to a lower cost of living for you...which means more money for the fun things you enjoy. Make your home in Christian County. It just makes economic sense.

    Below you'll see a head-to-head comparison between property taxes in Christian County and Montgomery County, TN.

  • Price of home Christian County
    Annual Property Tax
    Montgomery County
    Annual Property Tax
    $110,000 $1052 $1204
    $130,000 $1242 $1423
    $150,000 $1434 $1642
    $180,000 $1721 $1971
    $220,000 $2103 $2409