• Please submit your signature in support of counting deployed soldiers in U.S. Census by their last duty station. This will more accurately represent the Fort Campbell population.


    Show Your Support of Deployed Service Members Being Counted By Their Last Duty Station for U.S. Census Calculations


    Karen Humes,
    Chief, Population Division
    U.S. Census Bureau
    Room 5H174
    Washington, DC 20233

    Re: 2010 Census Residence Rule and Residence Situations

    Dear Ms. Humes:

    In Christian County, Kentucky we take great pride in our continued relationship with Fort Campbell. We strive to provide a community where soldiers and their families always feel welcome; never taking for granted the hard work, dedication and sacrifice that our military families make for our country. Fort Campbell is home to the Army’s most deployed contingency forces. As a community, we embrace the cycles of deployment and ensure our military members and their families receive access to high quality services and programs.

    We take pride in serving those that serve our country. It is important that our service members are included as part of this community in the census. This once a decade head count sets a baseline population upon which annual estimates are based for the next ten years. Many federal and state assistance programs use formulas based on the decennial census or derivatives from the decennial census data. With the current methodology, the communities in which these service members reside prior to deployment are deprived of potentially large sums of federal and state funding; funding that is used to benefit the community including the service members and their families.

    By using the last duty station to count deployed service members the 2020 Census data will depict a more accurate representation of where the deployed service members live prior to deployment and in return allow the communities where these service members live access to more funding to provide services and programs for the military members and their dependents during the following ten year period.

    Thank you for consideration of this request.

    Very Respectfully-

  • Contact Information:

    Katie Lopez
    Director of Military and Governmental Affairs
    Christian County Chamber of Commerce
    2800 Fort Campbell Blvd.
    Hopkinsville, KY 42240
    (270) 885-9096