• Chamber Gift Certificates

  • We’re excited about our Chamber Gift Certificate program as we believe it will help our community, our members and our Chamber.  Here’s why:

    1. It’s good for our community as we aggressively promote shopping local and provide an easy mechanism to do so through the Chamber Gift Certificate program.
    2. It’s good for our members as they take advantage of a free benefit that is designed to drive traffic through member’s doors as a result of our promotion and advertising of the program.
    3. It’s good for our Chamber as we are able to offer an additional benefit at no charge to our members while promoting the local community. 

    We hope you’ll participate in our new program as your participation is the key to our success.  Participation is as easy as being a Chamber member in good standing, signing up, using the gift certificates and helping to spread the word.

    Finally, we recognize that shopping local is more than a public relations campaign.  It’s about changing consumer habits and helping our local economy grow with more jobs, better streets, better hospitals, and better roads. 

    To learn more about our new Chamber Gift Certificate program or your Chamber of Commerce, contact us at 270-885-9096.