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Plymouth Engineered Shapes

A Member of the Plymouth Tube Company
201 Commerce Court
Phone: (270) 886-6631 Fax: (270) 887-8264
Hopkinsville, Kentucky 42240

Plymouth Engineered Shapes (PES) was established in 1977, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, as a member
of the Plymouth Tube family. Sitting on 11 acres in the 1st Industrial park, PES has grown
significantly in the past 30 years. This extrusion mill is the primary employer to 130 employees. It
has most recently completed an expansion project that helped to better house the continual growth of many of its production lines.

No other manufacturer in North America offers so much experience in special shape technology, or
provides so many value-added options. Steel and Titanium extrusions provide advantages not offered by alternative methods such as forgings, castings, and machining from bar or plate stock. Economic advantages include minimal tooling costs, reduced material usage, lower parts count resulting from the ability to extrude complex shapes over length in a single operation and less downstream machining and finishing operations. The quality benefits of extrusion include improved surface quality and superior flatness and straightness, which is especially critical for long length structural operations.

Plymouth Engineered Shapes is the premiere provider of near-net extruded shapes for a large variety
of aerospace applications. All customers want to squeeze more cost out of their parts and Plymouth
Engineered Shapes offers the solution in Titanium, Stainless steel, Alloy steel or Nickel-based alloys.
Titanium has long been the material of choice for aerospace manufacturers seeking materials to
withstand the high-temperatures, chemical corrosion, and mechanical stress occurring within military
and commercial aircraft. Typical applications for titanium include:

• helicopter parts
• high- temperature engine components
• airframe and structural parts
• engine pylons
• pylon attach beams
• floor beams
• longerons
• vertical stabilizer spars
• bomb and missile racks

Precision Engineered produced by Plymouth Engineered Shapes has already helped scores of
manufacturers reduce machining costs and waste. Value propositions and customers from the
following markets have benefited from Plymouth Engineered Shapes innovative solutions:

• Firearms
• Valves and Fittings
• Architecture
• Alternative Energy
• Agriculture
• Power Generation
• and other custom applications