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U.S. Army MWR

The range of MWR programs offered at Army garrisons is based on the needs of authorized patrons who work and reside there. At Fort Campbell, programs include the following:

Arts and Crafts, Automotive Skills, Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS), Bowling, Child, Youth and Schools Services (including childcare, before and after school programs, teen clubs, instructional programs and youth sports), Soldier Recreation Centers, Golf, Physical Fitness Centers (gyms) and Intramural Sports, Recreational Travel Office, Library, Food, Beverage and Entertainment Programs, Outdoor Recreation Programs, Equipment Rental, Swimming Pools and Army Community Service.

Family and MWR supports combat readiness and effectiveness; supports recruitment and retention of quality personnel; provides leisure time activities, which support a quality of life commensurate with generally accepted American values; promotes and

 maintains the mental and physical wellbeing of authorized personnel; fosters community pride, Soldier morale, and Family wellness and promotes unit esprit de corps, and eases the impact of unique aspects of military life, such as frequent relocations and deployment.

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