• Business Entrepreneur and Retail Development

  • Don Hall, Chair Business Entrepreneur and Retail Development
         Don Hall, Chair
         Business Entrepreneur and Retail            Development 

    The Business, Entrepreneur and Retail Development Committee exists to create an environment in which new businesses are attracted and existing businesses prosper in Christian County.

    It is a public/private partnership comprised of people who understand all aspects of small business and entrepreneurship development, with an overall goal to ensure that Christian County has the “welcome mat” out for businesses. 

    For any business to experience success, certain elements must exist within the market. The Business Development Committee of the Chamber of Commerce focuses on those issues which foster or impede the growth of businesses in Hopkinsville-Christian County.

    The Committee’s program of work includes evaluating permitting and licensing procedures and policies and advocating changes in areas of concern; supporting incentives to spur growth in small businesses; evaluating the tax structure to ensure that it is competitive and advocating changes in areas of concern; supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs as they get started; and providing development opportunities and training in areas of interest to business owners.

    To become involved in the Chamber's Business Development committee, contact us or call us at 270-885-9096.