• Attendance Requirements

  • It is an honor to be chosen for the LEADERSHIP program and, as such, attendance at each and every session, class, and activity is mandatory. This includes the opening and closing retreats, the monthly class days, and any other time that is required to fulfill the programs, projects, and community service events. 

    If (only for extenuating circumstances) a class member misses a monthly class session, that individual may stay in the class; however, in order to graduate from the program, the missed day must be completed during the following class year. If more than one class day is missed, the participant will no longer be eligible for graduation but may reapply for future classes. Anything less than a full day’s attendance is considered an absence. Absence from the opening retreat may not be made up, and anyone who misses the retreat may reapply for a future class. The Leadership board will contact a participant’s employer or sponsor in the event of any absence and/or of ineligibility for graduation. 

    If you or your employer are unable to make this commitment, it is not in your best interest to apply.